metafarm is an automated closed ecological system used for agriculture that can theoretically recreate any climate and soil chemical makeup in order to grow any produce. Metafarms are considered by technostists to be a 'baseline for any civilized society' and are an advanced form of vertical farming.


Metafarms are identified by these features:

Universalized produce: Region-specific crops can be grown in any metafarm; i.e. a crop grown naturally in Latin America could also grow in a metafarm on the moon,

Universal climatization: Climate-specific crops can be grown year round in a metafarm; i.e. a crop that only grows in the spring naturally could also grow in a metafarm at any time of the year.

Depollenization: Pollen-specific crops can be fertilized in any metafarm. Relying on insects may prove disastrous should they become endangered or extinct— efforts should be made to replicate their processes.

Hydroponics: Though not the only method of plant fertilization, there is an extensive focus on hydroponics for accelerated plant growth.

Automation: A standard metafarm should create produce without any human intervention, leaving the act of farming to a technotariat. Personalized metafarms may use human labourers for fun.